Why iPalapa?


Hotel Challenges:

  • Additional Hotel Revenue Streams and upfront cash flows are not captured due to activities not being offered to hotel guests at time of room booking.
  • Missed opportunities exist for overnight guests as well as day passes, spa, food/beverage and poolside services for people not staying at the hotels.
  • Guest Experience suffers as trip itineraries are not fully defined prior to arrival.
  • No easy way exists for staff to maintain inventory controls, communicate effectively, avoid double booking, and maximize reservations throughout their properties.
  • Hotel labor costs are high for activity booking personnel.


iPalapa’s Centralized Reservation Inventory Management System (CRIM)

iPalapa offers a fully graphic, real time, centralized reservation inventory management system for overnight and daytime guests. Our software suite allows hotels, resorts, and activities operators to maximize revenue by creatively, flexibly upselling room guests and day pass visitors on virtually all rentable structures, non-room assets, activities, experiences, plus food/beverage. Guests view a property map on their phone, laptop or iPad, and plan their complete vacation, from the time they book a room through the entire guest stay. Benefits include easy packaging of all property assets, yield pricing, excellent control and reporting, savings on staffing and labor costs, and deep customer data/analytics for marketing purposes. Guests can rest easy knowing their trips are fully planned out. Improve cash flow and increase activities bookings. Operations and inventory control provides efficiency, lower labor costs, and peace of mind for hotels.