Features & Benefits

Pre-Arrival Revenue Capture

Hotels sell goods and services starting at the time of room booking and continuing through the guests stay. All hotel activities can be offered to guests in pre-arrival emails. Guests are instantly validated and offered any/all available up-sell opportunities:

Top view of swimming pool side with a seat and umbrella

Improve guest experience with detailed mapping, on screen pricing, choice of amenities, etc. Mobile viewing allows guest access 24/7

Hotel Security
Lengthy and complex security reviews completed at the majority of Global Hotel Brands

Centralized Inventory Manager
Maximize hotel revenue and provide hotels with complete control over their product and activity inventory. Avoid Double Booking.

Industry Expertise
iPalapa products built alongside hotel partners over the past five years.

Guest Profiles and Robust Data Collection
Reservation data, guest and staff notes and requests, spending habits and guest information provide hotels marketing opportunities, along with 100% email capture.

Increased revenue. Create Cabanas with amenities for special occasions (Super Bowl, Birthdays, New Year’s Eve, etc.). Create rental revenue from areas/structures that were once unrentable.  Separate full days into segments to account for beach dinners, late afternoon events, late cancellations, or separate full days into half days to capture increased revenue or maximizing occupancy.

Yield Pricing (Complete revenue management for everything outside of the hotel room)

Maximizing revenue across product and activity categories.

Improve Operations, Reporting, Control, Communications,

  • PMS Integration
  • Mobile experience allows guests and staff access 24/7
  • Real time booking, reporting, inventory management, etc.
  • Interactive dashboard for staff to view current guest orders
  • Flexible setup allows full control over rules, priorities, etc.
  • Secure credit card transactions remain with hotel property
  • Generate activity from concierge, guests, recreation staff, front desk, etc.
  • Better control of refunds and cancellations
  • Forecast sales, inventory, and staffing requirements
  • Intuitive user interface for guests and staff
  • Setup is fully customized and catered to the luxury hotel guest. Full training of staff is including and provided throughout.